My boyfriend and I had checked all over for a hotel with a good rate as one that does not charge you up front: sometimes you do not always get the service and quality that you pay for. This is not the case with The Limited Inn.

We are from Chicago, IL and expected this hotel to be a small mom and pop establishment. This is something we enjoy about living in the Midwest. Not only did we discover that the hotel used to be run by a mom and pop couple, the hotel was gifted to their daughter as a wedding present. The daughter combined partnerships with Motel 7 (smart choice) and our room looked just the picture above; immaculate in cleanliness, excellent service from the whole staff, new flatscreen televisions (tons of channels to choose from), our room was serviced (cleaned) each day,the pool was clean and inviting, and just a very pleasant and enjoyable visit.

I am a firm believer in customer service; one who works in hospitality should always go above and beyond to ensure their customer not only has a good experience, but will return. That is what the staff emulated throughout our entire weekend.

The only suggestions I would make is to update the food and coffee condiments. Instead of packaged creamer, use fresh creamer or the individual creamer servings. Upgrade to Splenda instead of the generic non calorie sweetener and the fruit should look fresh. Also, if you see that the soap dispenser is low, put a new dispenser out. Costs 99 cents. This is a hotel discrepancy and does not reflect upon the staff, as they do not have the responsibility of what the purchaser buys for the hotel.

Overall, we will return next year and look forward our next visit. Excellent job, Limited Inn!

StothaH, 32 years old, Chicago